Meetings 2022

Minutes of Ordinary Public Meeting 19th Jan 2022 (online)

Minutes of Ordinary Public Meeting 16 Feb 2022 (online)

Minutes of Ordinary Public Meeting 16 March 2022 (online)

Minute of Special Meeting 30 March 2022 (online) to coopt new members

Minute of Wednesday 20th April 2022 (online)

Minute of Wednesday 18th May 2022 ( online)

Minute of Wednesday 22 June 2022 (online) Ordinary Meeting

AGM Minute 22 June 2022 to be published at next AGM

Minute of meeting Wednesday 14th September 2022 will be posted once approved

Next public meeting Wednesday 19th October 7.00 at Nairn Community and Arts Centre (note earlier start time) Agenda is here

Upcoming NRCC meetings – normally middle Wednesday of month at 7pm.

Scheduled meeting dates for rest of 2022 are as follows:

19th October, 16th November, 14th December all 7pm at Nairn Community and Arts Centre

Additional public meetings may be scheduled around key topics

For 2023 provisional dates are 25 January, 22 February, 22 March, 19 April, 17 May, 21 June

Community Councils are required to hold at least 7 meetings per year including our AGM. Despite COVID restrictions 2021 was our busiest year ever with 19 public meetings hosted

Agendas for NRCC public meetings are normally notified in public 7 days in advance on the Castle Square Noticeboard, and on this website and promoted via local social media.

We encourage local residents to attend our public meetings, to have their say, and to listen and learn about how community councils work and the issues which matter to Nairn.

We will hold an interim election for new community councillors as soon as we can. The next one Highland Council will organise is due to be held in early 2023

Meantime we are always keen to welcome new (non voting) ‘Associate’ members from local interest groups and all neighbourhoods across the Nairn River community ( click to see map) to feed into our public meetings.

With a new Academy on the way, we would particularly like to hear from young people and parents of school age children.

As we get back to business post COVID we welcome Nairn’s 4 new Highland Councillors, elected in May 2022, as ex officio CC members, to all our public meetings to keep local residents up to speed with Council matters, and to hear about the issues that matter to the local community.

We welcome the commitment of the newly elected Chair of the Nairn and Cawdor Ward, Highland Councillor Michael Green, who communicated at the recent meeting of Nairn West and Suburban CC to working with his Ward team of 3 colleagues Cllrs Laurie Fraser, Barbara Jarvie, Paul Oldham and community representatives to deliver on the two following priority actions:

1/to pilot a new local body to oversee management of Nairn’s Common Good Assets

2/to collaborate on community led development of a Local Place Plan

This is badly needed to help target more public investment in Nairn’s overstretched infrastructure (including securing an A96 bypass and improving amenities for both locals and visitors).

It will also protect Nairn’s precious natural environment by clarifying ‘green’ priorities for the town and ‘shire’ , including sustainable local job creation and a low carbon economy, and prioritising regeneration of existing buildings over newbuild in line with the new Scottish Planning Framework 4.