Meetings 2021

On 13 January 2021 an AGM (delayed from 2020 due to COVID) was held online. The following Office Bearers were duly elected.

Chair Hamish Bain

Vice Chair Peter Gibson Secretary Simon Noble Treasurer Veronica Mackinnon

AGM Minutes 13 January 2021

Minutes Ordinary Meeting 10th February 2021

Note of 1st March 2021 (Special Meeting requested by 6 members)

Minutes Ordinary Meeting 17th March 2021

Minutes 2nd April 2021 (extra meeting to complete 17 March business)

Minutes Ordinary Meeting 21st April 2021

Minutes Ordinary Meeting 19th May 2021

Minutes Special Meeting 3rd June– (to organise AGM and elect interim Vice Chair)

AGM 16th June 2021 (Minutes to be approved at next AGM June 2022)

New Office Bearers appointed as follows

Chair Hamish Bain

Vice Chair Tommy Hogg, Secretary Veronica Mackinnon, Treasurer David Thomson

Minutes of Ordinary Meeting 16th June 2021

Minute of Special Meeting 2nd July 2021 to coopt new members Loreine Thomson and Paul Oldham

In July and August the Community Council normally takes a break from public meetings. This summer we have been so busy responding to community concerns and keeping up with public consultation deadlines that we have just kept going.

By Dec 2020 we will have convened a record 17 public meetings in a single year, 10 more than we are required to hold using our Council grant of around £1060. As our meetings remain online, we have no venue costs, but time commitment has been extremely high this year for our volunteer community councillors. If you would like to help us share the load, get in touch and let us know what time, energy and skills you can offer to make sure this community’s voice is heard.

An Emergency Community Meeting 28th July was organised by NRCC Chair to discuss Highland Council Lochloy Active Travel Crossing Proposals. This was not an official NRCC meeting as no time for the required 7 days public notice before the consultation deadline of 30th July set by Highland Council

Minute of Special Meeting 9th August 2021 to agree CC collective position on current proposal for Lochloy bridge in this location. Unanimously rejected by members present as unsuitable.

Minute of Ordinary Meeting 15th Sept 2021

Minute of Special Meeting 29 Sept 2021 to discuss latest information on proposed new Nairn Economic Forum from minute of recent Ward Business Meeting obtained by FOI.

Minute of Ordinary Meeting 13th October 2021

Minute of Ordinary Meeting 17th November 2021

All our meetings are open to the public -anyone wishing to attend please register by sending an email to with name, postcode and contact details to send a link. For security reasons do not share this link with others who have not registered.

Other meetings attended by Nairn River Community Councillors

Nairn and Nairnshire Community Planning Partnership

11th August 2021 -Meeting (on TEAMS) of representatives of 4 out of 5 Nairnshire Community Councils (initiated by NRCC Chair) with the new Chair of Nairnshire Community Planning Partnership(NCCP), Chief Inspector Jenny Valentine of Police Scotland and Emma Tayler, Interim Ward Manager for Nairn and Cawdor

12 August 2021 , 23rd Sept 2021 attended by NRCC rep on TEAMS

To date no minutes of Nairnshire Community Planning Partnership meetings have been published. In September the new Chair has stated her intention that a note of NCCP meetings will be shared in future and be made publicly available online.

next meeting Dec 2021 – deferred till 2nd February 2022

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