Nairn Common Good News

Since 2020 Highland Council (Councillors are also Common Good Trustees) have launched multiple public consultations under new Community Empowerment Act 2015 legislation.

These consultations seek public views on proposals to dispose of (by sale or lease) or change use of, Nairn’s valuable Common Good Assets.

A number of changes have also been happening on Nairn’s Common Good Land (such as chargeable parking infrastructure being installed at the Links, Harbour and Maggot) without ‘prior public consultation’ with local residents which is required by law.

It is important for local people to understand what this means for Nairn

These assets cannot legally be sold or changed without local people being given a proper say, and Community Councils being notified as the statutory public consultation bodies, and Highland Council must have regard to residents views to inform their decisions.

We will try to keep you up to date with latest Common Good news and developments here

Additional’ Sandown Consultation December 21/January 22

What are Nairn’s Common Good Assets?

Nairn Common Good Asset Register

LIVE Nairn Common Good Consultations

Sandown Lands Additional Consultation – submit views by 31st Jan 2022

Common Good Consultation – Grant Street Yard – submit views by 10 March 2022

Common Good Consultation – extension of lease for Links Kiosk ( James’ Cafe) submit views by 11 March 2022

RECENT /CONCLUDED Nairn Common Good consultations

Sandown Lands Common Good Consultation Feb 2021 – Proposal to dispose of CG land by sale ( 93 responses, 85 against sale, summary here. Highland Council considered this response unsatisfactory and local Councillors approved a further consultation -see above)

Nairn Links Tearoom and Old Store Common Good Consultation Oct 20 – Jan 21 – Extension of lease for ‘Strathnairn Cafe’ ( approved – 16 responses, majority in support)

Nairn Sailing Club Common Good Consultation April- June 2019 ( disposal of CG land for Coastal Rowing Club Shed) approved – 2 public responses both in favour. The 2 Nairn Community Councils were not notified by Highland Council, so did not have an opportunity to contribute. Nairn River CC were in abeyance Feb- Dec 19 and unable to hold public meetings but councillors were still active in the community and responding to email.

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