We currently have 7 full members and 2 cooption vacancy for immediate appointment.

Contact details below

5 Elected members (all elected January 2020)

Hamish Bain, Chair 41 Sutors Avenue IV12 5AZ Tel 01667 456431

Veronica Mackinnon, Secretary 41 Sutors Avenue IV12 5AZ Tel 01667 456431

David ThomsonTreasurer  51 Sutors Park IV12 5BQ Tel 01667 459139

Mandy Lawson 16 Wilson Street Fishertown IV12 4NY Tel 07712 633342 

Ian Gordon Roslin House, 14 Links Place,IV12 4NH Tel 07899 831297

Members coopted


2 members coopted 30 March 2022

Alan Calder

William Spark

Ex Officio Members 

Nairn’s 4 elected Highland Councillors, listed below, are ‘ex officio’ (non voting) members of all 5 local community councils in the Nairn and Cawdor Ward.  They are invited to all meetings to keep us informed on Highland Council business and participate in community discussion. New Highland Councillors were elected in May 2022

Councillor Laurie Fraser

Councillor Michael Green

Councillor Barbara Jarvie

Councillor Paul Oldham


Nairn River CC can have a maximum of 12 adult voting members plus two youth members. 

Up to 4 members may be elected by cooption at a public meeting, which requires the support of two thirds of elected community councillors present. 

We currently have 4 vacancies for adult members.

One may be coopted immediately. Remaining vacancies can only be filled by  public vote which requires an interim election to be organised by Highland Council.

In addition to our full quota of 12 adult members, we can appoint two Youth members aged 16-18 for up to 2 years. We hope to do this in 2022

Associate Members (non voting) 

We can  appoint ‘Associate Members’ at any time with specialist areas of interest to share their expertise with our community council.   If you would be interested get in touch.

How to become a community councillor.

To stand for election as a community councillor you must be:

1/ a resident of Nairn River CC catchment area as shown on the latest boundary map

This includes Fishertown, the High Street area, Millbank and Rosebank primary schools, part of Waverley Road, Viewfield, Queenspark, Boathpark, Broadhill, Balmakeith, Merryton, and the Lochloy estate including homes at Kingsteps.  Check the map if you are not sure if you live in our ‘patch’! 

2/ on the Electoral Roll.  You can contact to check your Roll number.

3/willing to attend meetings as required, work respectfully with others to help the CC to fulfil its statutory duties, carry out delegated tasks reliably and responsibly and support the democratic decisions of the community council. In all your actions while an elected community councillor, you should uphold the following principles of the CC Code of Conduct:

Service to the Community,  Selflessness,  Integrity,  Objectivity,  Accountability and Stewardship, Openness, Honesty, Leadership, Respect.

More information about Community Councils in Highland is here

Contact  if you wish to put your own or someone else’s name forward for any vacancies listed above.

Our meetings

Our business meetings are held in public so come along and see what we do.

At present we continue to  hold meetings online

These will be advertised a week in advance.   Upcoming dates are here.

If you would like to attend you should contact us on with your name and postcode to register for a link. For security reasons you should not share this link with others who have not registered.

To help us maintain a safe and respectful forum for discussion of community matters, and free expression of diverse views,  we  ask all members of public wishing to engage with us,  to observe the same Code of Conduct as our members.(see above) 

That means communicating respectfully and politely with others at all times, and deferring to the Chair whose responsibility it is to keep order and manage the Agenda. 

Abusive email or personally offensive online comments,  will be blocked, and anyone behaving disrespectfully during our meetings will be politely asked to desist or leave.

Get in touch

You can contact any of our members above if you want help with a particular concern in your neighbourhood. Our general email contact address is

You can also contact us via our contact form,  or  add comments to our blog

The agendas for our public meetings will normally be advertised a week in advance on our website, via local social media and on public Noticeboards (Castle Square community noticeboard- and the Community Centre and Library if open).

All media enquiries should be addressed to the Chair or Secretary

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