Suggest a name for the new town centre block of council flats

Nairn River CC, as the local community council, has been asked by the Highland Council ‘Corporate Address Gazetteer’ ( CAG ) Team to propose, on behalf of the local community, a suitable name for the new block of 12 social housing flats, which are nearing completion on the site of the former Community Centre in Nairn’s Town Centre.

Any suggestions received from the public will be tabled at our next public meeting on Wednesday March 16th for discussion with Nairn’s Highland Councillor(s) and the developer (if available to attend) with a view to agreeing a proposed name to take forward

If a name cannot be agreed at a community council meeting- the matter will be taken forward to the next Nairnshire Committee (likely to be after the May elections) for decision by local Highland Councillors

Guidance we have received from the Corporate Address Gazetteer team on the process for naming streets and buildings recommends that planning permission should stipulate that a name should be agreed before construction begins. However as we have just been asked to contribute as a CC as the building reaches completion, we are asking local residents for help to propose a suitable name at our next meeting on March 16th.

If you have a suggestion for a name for these new flats – please let us know by emailing or give one of your community councillors a phone.

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