Meetings 2022

Minutes of Ordinary Public Meeting 19th Jan 2022 (online)

Minutes of Ordinary Public Meeting 16 Feb 2022 (online)

Minutes of Ordinary Public Meeting 16 March 2022 online ( to be approved 20 April)

Minute of Special Meeting 30 March 2022 to coopt new members

Next meeting Wednesday 20th April 2022 7.30 online –

see Agenda and notice on Blog if you wish to request the link to attend

Upcoming meetings – dates to be confirmed – online meetings normally middle Wednesday of month at 7.30 .

Community Councils are required to hold at least 7 meetings per year including our AGM. Despite COVID restrictions 2021 was our busiest year yet with 19 public meetings hosted

We hope that face to face meetings will resume sometime in 2022 and meantime continue to follow Highland Council COVID guidance to maximise safe access for the public

Agendas for NRCC public meetings are normally notified in public 7 days in advance on the Castle Square Noticeboard, and on this website and promoted via local social media.

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