New date for Nairn River CC meeting 21 Sept 7.30 Community & Arts Centre

Nairn River community residents are invited to the first face to face meeting of Nairn River Community Council for two years. This has been rescheduled to 21st September after the Queen’s funeral, and we have a full agenda

Agenda 21st September 2022 NRCC


  1. Members Present, Apologies and Declarations of Interest.
  2. Minutes of previous meeting.
  3. Treasurers Report.
  4. Planning Report
  5. A Plan for Nairn – A Local Development Plan or a Local Place Plan?
    • IMFLDP consultation findings with some Nairn comments still missing (AC)
    • Seek confirmation from THC LDP team that under NPF4 (new Scottish Planning
    Framework) Community led LPP should come first to inform wider area LDP.
    • Seek assurance that under NPF4, a Local Place Plan will be progressed for Nairn
    as a priority to replace current ‘old style’ Inner Moray Firth Local Development Plan
    • CC to ask Nairnshire Committee (Nairn’s 4 new Councillors) to reject IMFLDP
    Nairn proposals, recently consulted on and rejected by locals as unfit for purpose.
  6. Health – Vaccination Policy in Nairn – update
  7. Energy Bills/Cost of Living Crisis – Call for Action to support Nairn households and businesses
  8. Lochloy
    • Meadowlea Phase 3 Drainage / Sewerage issues
    • 20 mph speed limits in Lochloy estate
  9. Riverside and Seafront
    • Safety and Maintenance of Paths at Harbour Street side
    • Cyclist speed concerns, pedestrian safety
    • Harbour Street Toilet provision update on FS-Case-430936914
    • Waste issues- bins removed from Riverside Path, Harbour Street car wash and Lochloy.
    • Play park facilities at Riverside- progress update ?
  10. Parking
    • Motorhome charging at the Harbour(CG) and removal of equipment – FS-Case430949325
    • Parking permit spaces at Harbour for boat owners are another ‘change of use’ on CG
    land, with no transparency, prior public consultation or impact assessment which
    contravene THC own rules as well as Common Good and Equalities legislation
    • Propose immediate removal of all parking notices at Harbour, Maggot, Links Cumming
    Street till all Nairn CG Asset governance is reviewed and properly managed locally.
  11. New Nairn Academy – public consultation and working group update – FS-Case-430957193
  12. St Ninians Church – proposed closure in 2025. Request for CC Action
  13. Updates (or comment) from THC Members present.
    THC issues and consultations pending update from new Councillors include:
    • Common Good consultations (Sandown/Grant St Yard/James Café)
    • ‘Library Move’ THC consultation (no report yet and not clear who is responsible)
    • Library community petition (as above – no THC response yet)
    • ‘Voluntary’ Parking Charges on CG land –legality remains in question , and report of
    summer 2021 ‘pilot’ and promised community consultation is now a year overdue.
    • Review of Ward Business Meetings and Nairnshire Committee to improve public access
    and transparency.
  14. AOCB
  15. Future meeting dates
  16. Chair closes meeting

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