Does Lochloy need a bridge to Balmakeith?

Lochloy Crossing – consultation On 16th July the two Nairn community councils and Nairn Access Panel received initial designs from Highland Council for a proposed ‘active travel’ foot/cycle bridge to link Lochloy across the railway to Balmakeith Industrial Estate. Highland Council then posted on social media on 22 July a deadline for public comments ofContinue reading “Does Lochloy need a bridge to Balmakeith?”

20 Questions (and some Answers) about Nairn Parking Charges

In Spring 2021 Nairn River Community Council were surprised to notice parking charges machines being installed at 3 car parks at the Harbour, the Links and the Maggot. We were surprised because there has been no consultation with either of Nairn’s ‘town’ community councils or local residents about this, which must happen by law beforeContinue reading “20 Questions (and some Answers) about Nairn Parking Charges”

Our next online meetings, open to you to join

NRCC will hold its next scheduled Ordinary Meeting in public on Zoom on Wednesday 15th September 2021, from 7.30 pm.  We will post the agenda here a week in advance. Other scheduled meeting dates for 2021 are here  If you would like to register to attend please send an email to:   with yourContinue reading “Our next online meetings, open to you to join”

Details of our meeting on 10th February 2021

NRCC is to have its next ordinary meeting on-line via zoom on Wednesday 10th February, starting at 7pm. You can join us by clicking this link (or copy and paste it into your browser search box at the top of the page): The papers currently available for you to read are: Agenda for meetingContinue reading “Details of our meeting on 10th February 2021”

What\’s Next for NRCC?

At our AGM on 13th January four members of the community council were elected as office bearers: Hamish Bain, Chair Peter Gibson, Deputy Chair Veronica MacKinnon, Treasurer Simon Noble, Secretary There is much to do, particularly to organise how we represent our community, and how we communicate with you. We are currently exploring how weContinue reading “What\’s Next for NRCC?”