Latest Planning comments – new retail developments at Sainsbury site, and further housing at Lochloy/Kingsteps and Forres Road

Nairn River Community Council has recently posted three  planning comments in relation to  current local planning applications. We have  noted a number of longstanding concerns around the pressing need for investment in infrastructure ( roads, drainage, sewerage) , and increased traffic congestion in East Nairn ( A96/Lochloy Road, Merryton junction bottleneck)  .
We have also noted the pressing need for local school and other community provision at Lochloy estate to keep pace with further housing proposed in this area, as Auldearn Primary is now at full capacity, and Millbank will be if all  housing proposed is built. This need only came to our attention in early 2018  after a  visit from a Highland Council Care and Learning official to our February meeting to discuss possible changes in school catchment areas across Nairnshire to accommodate the rapid growth in population at Lochloy.

As all 3 pending applications below will impact on traffic and  add pressure on other infrastructure in Nairn ( drains, sewerage, schools) we are  asking Highland Council Planning committee to consider all three proposals as interlinked. No dates have yet been finalised for these applications to go to SPAC(Planning Committee) and Transport Scotland has asked for more time to review impacts on traffic

Planning comments can be found here with applications on the Highland Council Planning Portal

1/ new development at Sainsbury Site ( McDonalds restaurant and Home Bargains)

2/ pending application for housing Springfield) at Kingsteps/Lochloy (Cllr MacDonald’s land)

3/pending application for housing ( Deveron Homes) at Forres Road (former Morganti house site)

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