Kingsteps plans go to June 12 planning committee and are deferred for Lochloy \’site visit\’ on 8th August

Plans for 115 homes to be built by Springfield development on Councillor Liz MacDonald\’s land at Kingsteps will go to the planning committee tomorrow 12th June.
See below the planner\’s report,
SPAC 12 Jun18 Item 6.8 Springfield Properties
We feel this report  is inadequate in briefing decision makers on the scale and detail of the many objections to this plan posted on the e planning website,  both from community  groups and residents in Nairn( including NRCC) and from public agencies at Highland level who have raised many concerns about  the impact of this major development on local traffic, drainage, sewerage, wildlife and other local services and infrastructure. The additional housing proposed will swell the Lochloy estate to around 1000 homes with no school or community facilities and only a single access road to the A96 and rest of Nairn.
We have thus today along with 2 residents groups( Kingsteps Residents and Nairn Residents Concern Group), lodged a request for a pre determination hearing so that Nairn community can raise the above concerns directly with Planning committee members to ensure that their decision is properly informed.
We have not been permitted a hearing tomorrow before the SPAC meeting but members will be advised of this request tomorrow and it is possible that the decision on Kingsteps plans will be deferred to allow time for a hearing to take place.

Post Script
Under advice from Highland Council lawyers, on 12 June, South Planning Application Committee members decided not to permit Nairn community representatives a pre-determination hearing  to present their concerns on the Kingsteps plans.
However, a decision on the plans was deferred, because Highland Councillors Heggie and Fraser spoke up for Nairn and managed to secure a \’site visit\’ for SPAC committee members on 8th August to Lochloy/Kingsteps  to see for themselves the potential impacts of the proposed development on Nairn\’s infrastructure and environment.
Lets hope they don\’t get stuck in traffic on the way……

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