Agenda for Meeting of Nairn River Community Council 23 January 2019

Here is the Agenda for the next public meeting of Nairn River Community Council to be held at Nairn Community and Arts Centre on Wednesday 23rd January at 7pmAgenda for NRCC 23 Jan 2019
We would particularly welcome local residents interested in putting their names forward for the Community Council elections this November to represent the Nairn River community.
(more information below about what we do)
Here also are the Minutes of our last 2 meetings
Minutes NRCC 21 Nov 2018
Minutes Joint NRCC meeting with WSCC 19 Dec 2018

Community Councils Review by Highland Council 
Highland Council has approved at a special meeting on 16th January 2019 a period of consultation on the  recently published 2018-19 Review of Community Councils Scheme of Establishment
Click on the link here for a summary of the main proposals and changes which affect the 5 Nairn and Nairnshire  Community Councils , which we will be discussing at Wednesday\’s meeting.

Next Community Council elections – November 2019
Note that the next elections for Community Council members are due in November this year.
Nairn River Community Council will require to elect 12 members this year.
We would encourage people living in our \’patch\’ to get involved – and stand for election to represent your community.
If interested in nominating yourself or a friend as a future Community Council member please  get in touch with
We will need more than 12 nominations for there to be a contested election in November, so get your name in the frame to support local democracy.
Please also feel free to come and introduce yourself at one of our 2019 public meetings to learn how we work and  see what our volunteer members have to deal with.
2019 meeting dates confirmed so far are as follows all  Wednesdays at 7pm
 20 Mar, 15 May, 19 June(AGM), 17 July, 18 Sept, 19 Nov

What are  Community Councils?
Community Councils were brought in by the Local Government Act of 1973 to replace Scottish Parish Councils.
Community Councils in Scotland are quite different from \’Parish Councils\’ in England and Wales who have control over sizeable budgets for spending in the local area.

  • Community Councils are run by unpaid volunteers
  • Community Councillors do not have a vote at Highland Council or other local authority(eg NHS Highland, Police Scotland)
  • Community Councils do not have a \’local budget\’ to spend.
  • After last year\’s 60% cut our current grant  only covers basic meeting and admin costs
  • Community Councils are not a legally incorporated organisation so cannot run local projects
  • Community Councils receive a grant from Highland Council but operate independently of it.
  • Community Councils are principally a communication channel, providing a voice for local citizens and community in public consultation on planning and delivery of local infrastructure and services

Highland Council and Nairn
Since the closure of Nairn\’s local District Council based at the Courthouse in 1996, \’Nairn and Cawdor\’ is one of 21 Highland Council \’Wards\’ in a region which covers half of Scotland.
This locality (Nairn and Nairnshire) is represented by 4 elected Highland  Councillors out of a total of 74 Councillors who have votes at Highland Council meetings in Inverness.
Unlike Community Councillors, who are volunteers, Highland Councillors are paid a salary.
Highland Councillors are non voting members of local Community Councils in their Ward.

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