Update on Planning Application for 12 flats and CAB on King Street -request for Planning Committee site visit

Update 5th  Sept 2020
This article appeared in the Press and Journal on 27th August regarding proposed development of a newbuild block of 12 flats and new CAB in Nairn Town Centre
It confirmed that Highland Council(the applicant as well as the planning authority in this proposed development)  has already published tender documents for the building contracts
(which can be found here on the Scottish Public Contracts website portal)
 despite the application having not yet reached the South Planning Applications Committee table for scrutiny and decision.
In early August, and again today, Nairn River Community Council as Statutory Consultee, requested that Planning Officers  arrange a ‘site visit’ for members of the South Planning Application Committee to give them an opportunity to see for themselves how this proposed, newbuild would impact on Nairn’s Town Centre landscape and the existing local Masterplan, before they make their decision.  
We have asked Nairn’s elected members to support  this request, since the application is locally controversial and has undergone several changes, the most recent being revisions to parking layout on 19th August.

16 July 2020 

As advertised in last Tuesday’s Nairnshire Telegraph – a revised Planning Application has been submitted to Highland Council Planning department for a 3 storey newbuild  block on King Street, to provide  12 flats for social rent and new accommodation for Nairn’s CAB, on the site of the former Community Centre.
This is the third change of design and location in 2 years – the original plan being to renovate the former Police Station buildings, the second to demolish those buildings and build a new 3 storey block nearby on the site of the former Community Centre, while still claiming £195,000 funding from Scottish Government intended for regeneration of existing buildings, for this £3 million ‘newbuild’.
This 3rd revision proposes the same new building in a slightly altered location

If you  wish to comment on this Application – it is open for public consultation till 21st July
You can see this Application and post your views directly online on the Planning website here.

Highland Planning Website – 62 King Street Flats/CAB Application

Nairn River Community Council  has again submitted an Objection to this as Statutory Consultee
you can find this posted below

July2020NairnRiverCC objection 2000338/FUL KIngStreetCABFlats

As you will see  from our response we believe that this is still the wrong building in the wrong place, and incompatible with the priorities of the Nairn Community Town Centre Plan 2015 which were agreed with Highland Council in collaboration with Nairn residents and local community groups.
You can read the detail of this plan below.

Nairn Community Town Centre Plan 2015

The 3 priority themes were to
1/ Improve High Street environment and expand activities (including regeneration of upper floors for housing)
2/Make better use of area between King Street and High Street (including bringing old Police Buildings back into use)
3/Improve walking and cycling links between Nairn town centre and surroundings

In March 2020 Nairn River Community Council  submitted an Objection  to the previous Application for the newbuild flats and CAB, and opposed demolition of the former Police Station buildings.
We are glad to report that this demolition will not now go ahead, allowing scope for alternative proposals to repurpose these heritage buildings, as per the Town Centre Plan.
We also know of many underused and empty buildings in and around the High Street which could be used for social housing and to rehouse the CAB without building anything new.

As previously notified an outline bid for Regeneration funding has recently been submitted to the Scottish Government by NICE   with backing of the Highland Council, BID and the two Nairn town Community Councils, with a view to renovating the Old Police buildings for future community use. 
Other funding avenues are also being explored to regenerate our Town Centre and help Nairn’s local economy to recover at this crucial time.


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