Have your say on Phone Boxes, Police Scotland, Pre Planning Consultation, Short Term Lets, Bathing Water signage – public consultations

Here is a list of public consultations open now to which  you can contribute  as a member of the public right now – with deadlines  where available.  Feel free also to feed back to Nairn River CC directly on any of these topics by 

1/adding your own comments to our blog below

2/send  an email to secretary@nairnrivercc.org or chair@nairnrivercc.org. or

3/ talk to your local community councillor. 

A full list of your local community councillors can be found on members page is on this website.

 You can also complete this survey over the phone by calling 07717 150 296 and leaving a message. A member of the survey team will then call you back.
  BT Payphone Consultation survey open till 10th October 2020  
 3 boxes under threat in Nairn town , High St(Castle Square), Moss Side and Fraser Park 
about how  developers consult the public before a development proposal  becomes a formal Application in the Planning system before  the Planning Committee.
Guidelines for how local authorities can develop local policies to manage and regulate short term and holiday lets in their area.  Includes proposal to register all properties being used for short term let. 
this  is the link to the main online portal where you can find all live planning applications.
Nairn River CC is in Nairn and Cawdor Ward
 link below to the most recent application which Nairn River have lodged a submission to as Statutory Consultee 

There is information on  about a dozen completed development related consultations on the Highland Council website at present – the only open one currently is the 
 COVID 19 Active Travel Network which SUSTRANS is leading on to promote walking and cycling.
We have posted own set of questions for locals on the above topics to help inform joint discussions between  Highland Council and local community groups to help get Nairn ready for 2021 tourist season
As such developments could mean changes to Common Good land ( Links, Maggot, Harbour), if any proposals go forward Highland Council will need to carry out formal consultation with the local community before any changes can be  implemented.( this is not it – as nothing is agreed yet!)  
To help inform what happens next, please feed back your views on initial questions above 
You can post comments on our blog, email us, or talk to your community councillor or Highland Councillor directly
Bathing Water Signage ( SEPA)  consultation open till 13 October 

2 thoughts on “Have your say on Phone Boxes, Police Scotland, Pre Planning Consultation, Short Term Lets, Bathing Water signage – public consultations

  1. all links now working above -please try again if you were hoping to contribute to police, phone box or holiday let consultations – only open till 10th October for comments


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