Sewage Spill at Lochloy/Kingsteps

Thanks to Morton Gillespie for the photo of where the spill ended up – at his back fence at Kingsteps

Here at Nairn River we are devastated but not surprised to hear of  yesterday’s  sewage flood at Kingsteps. This  occurred on Wednesday at the newest development at  Lochloy  which we campaigned so hard in 2018 to persuade Highland Council to reject  for reasons exactly like this. 

 As far as we are aware, no homes were actually flooded, but it was a close call which will require a full investigation to make sure it cannot happen again.  Public health risks are considerable and we do not yet know  the wider environmental implications of this  overflow on local water quality or on the nearby salt flats and bird reserve which is a highly vulnerable ecosystem.  And tourist attraction……

As your Community Council we will continue to do all we can, in our statutory role, to speak up for local residents to make sure they receive the standard of public services they are entitled to and have paid for, and to make sure this incident is fully investigated. 

Sadly we saw this one coming, as back in 2018 we expressed detailed community concerns to Highland Council about inadequate drainage and sewerage and other key infrastructure for Lochloy, before these homes at Burnside were consented, and have been hearing ever since the newest houses were completed about repeated failures of sewage pumping, requiring lorries to come and remove the problem, to prevent incidents such as this.

We encourage local residents to continue keeping us informed of any relevant local concerns  so that  we can keep pushing for infrastructure which is   fit for purpose and  for Nairn voices to finally be listened to and taken seriously at Highland HQ . 

The latest article from Inverness Courier about Community Councils continued push for measures to improve drainage infrastructure and reduce flood risk in the Nairn area is here

We will post more factual information here soon to help Nairnites to understand better how this happened, and why the last 119 homes built by Springfield at Lochloy on should never have been consented by the Highland Council

One thought on “Sewage Spill at Lochloy/Kingsteps

  1. Well, what a surprise! You didn’t need the brains of an archbishop to realise the odds of this problem occuring were likely. I live in Meadow Lea (Springfield’s previous phase) and have seen workmen out numerous times trying to clear drains in my road. This is on “high land” so why is there a problem?


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