Citizen Action to improve Nairn’s environment- the tale of a Bench


Click here to watch the ‘makeover’ of this Riverside bench.

This was achieved with volunteer effort, donation of wood from a local business, paint from the Council, and coordination by Nairn River CC .

Not everything is about ‘money’……..

We also note this week in the local press another recent example in the Nairn River patch of local people and businesses taking ‘hands on’ action to keep the town looking its best

Get in touch if you have ideas, or offers of help or resources, for other ‘citizen action’ projects to improve Nairn for everyone.

We can help connect you with other local volunteers, community interest groups , and relevant authorities to help make it happen.

Also have a look at our new Environment page for information on threats currently facing Nairn’s natural environment, and ways in which you can get involved as a citizen to keep Nairn beautiful and sustainable for future generations, including how you can do your bit by ‘rewilding’ your garden or neighbourhood.

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