NRCC Public Meeting Wed 23 Nov at 7 Nairn Community and Arts Centre

Nairn River CC next public meeting will be held on Wednesday at 7pm at Nairn Community And Arts Centre – all welcome

The Agenda is below


  1. Members Present, Apologies and Declarations of Interest.
  2. Minutes of previous meeting.
  3. Treasurers Report.
  4. Planning Report
  5. Updates from THC Members present. THC issues and consultation spending
  6. Lochloy – The Burn at Burnside requires attention. Resident has contacted Springfield
  7. Riverside and Seafront –updates from THC Councillors re requests for action
    •Safety/Maintenance of Paths at Harbour Street side/ Cyclists speed concerns /pedestrian safety . Harbour Street Toilet provision update . Waste issues-bins removed from Riverside Path, Harbour Street Carwash and Lochloy – general bin at swing park Meadowlea
  8. Nairn Common Good – Feasibility study and Harbour Street Carwash.
  9. Requests for support:
     Team Hamish – Request for support for financial assistance
     Access Panel – Request for support for financial assistance
  10. New Nairn Academy – working group update
  11. St Ninians Church – proposed closure in 2025.
  12. AOCB –
  13. Future meeting date.
  14. Chair closes meeting.

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