Does Lochloy need a bridge to Balmakeith?

Lochloy Crossing – consultation On 16th July the two Nairn community councils and Nairn Access Panel received initial designs from Highland Council for a proposed ‘active travel’ foot/cycle bridge to link Lochloy across the railway to Balmakeith Industrial Estate. Highland Council then posted on social media on 22 July a deadline for public comments ofContinue reading “Does Lochloy need a bridge to Balmakeith?”

20 Questions (and some Answers) about Nairn Parking Charges

In Spring 2021 Nairn River Community Council were surprised to notice parking charges machines being installed at 3 car parks at the Harbour, the Links and the Maggot. We were surprised because there has been no consultation with either of Nairn’s ‘town’ community councils or local residents about this, which must happen by law beforeContinue reading “20 Questions (and some Answers) about Nairn Parking Charges”