Links Development – Nairn community groups seek to collaborate with HIghland Council

The two Nairn  \’town\’ Community Councils ( Nairn River CC and Suburban and West CC)

have written to Nairn Councillors and the Ward Manager this week to urge a joined up approach to the future development and improvement of the Links and seafront area. Our letter is here
In June 2018 a  Nairn Links Scoping Report written by Council officers and an Options Appraisal and Consultation commissioned by the Council on the paddling pool area , were tabled at Highland Council\’s Nairnshire Committee
At the Nairn Games on 18th August the Council hosted a \’public consultation\’ stall based on its own reports above to inform a new plan for the Links area.  This  stall was staffed by Nairn\’s Highland Councillors and the Ward Manager. It did not involve Community Councils or include the ideas and vision of any local community led enterprises such as Team Hamish, the Harbour Working Group, NICE, the BID team who have already done so much work to explore future options and resources to improve Nairn\’s amenities.  
We are calling for a joined up way forward for any future Links Development.  We feel strongly that this process should not be Council led but taken forward  with the Nairn community and businesses working in collaboration with local authorities .
We  encourage everyone interested in the future of the Links and Nairn  to go along to the Council\’s next consultation event about the future of the Links area. This is to be held  from 1 till 4 pm at the Cricket Pavilion on Saturday 1st September  More information below      

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