Next Nairn River CC meeting Wed 19 Sept 7pm at Community and Arts Centre

The next Nairn River CC meeting will be held at the Community and Arts Centre at 7 on Wed 19 Sept
Here is the agenda   and the Minutes of our last meeting in  July 2018
(We had no public meeting in August but you will see that our members have been very busy)
You will also notice a new look \’timed\’ agenda.

In light of this year\’s 60% operational funding cut from Highland Council) we aim to

  • better coordinate our growing workload  with other Nairnshire Community Councils 
  • make more use of our webpage and other channels to share information with local residents
  • hold fewer meetings  but improve focus  on key topics of concern to Nairn River residents  where community involvement can make a real difference for Nairn 

Other reading material relating to Wednesday\’s agenda and recent CC activities is below
There is a lot of information here but we\’d encourage all Nairn residents to inform themselves  on current and proposed developments for the town and to get involved so that they can have a say in Nairn\’s future.

Parking Charges
Highland Council Car Parking Redesign paper re proposed parking charges for Nairn

Developer Contributions
Highland Council new Developer Contributions Supplementary Guidance 2018

A letter to Highland Council from Nairn Concerned Residents Group re implications of this new guidance on current and planned developments in Nairn ( including recently approved 115 more houses at Kingsteps/Lochloy)

Community Participation and Empowerment
Action points  from a joint meeting on 13 August between Nairnshire Community Planning Partners and representatives from 4 out of 5 Nairnshire local Community Councils

Highland Council\’s Annual Performance Report 2017/18 on Community Participation Requests
 ( the only one received all year was from Nairn West and Suburban CC- and it was turned down )

Nairn Common Good
Nairn Common Good Fund latest annual report and budget for 2018/19 ( Nairnshire Committee)

Links Development ( Common Good Land)
Links Scoping Report   and Nairn BID report ( from June Nairnshire Committee )
Team Hamish: A Vision for Nairn   and Team Hamish Presentation and Community feedback

Sandown Development ( Common Good Land)
recent press release from Highland Council re proposed Sandown development 

Happy Reading! All welcome to attend our meetings or contact us   with any  concerns.

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