Next Nairn River Community Council Meeting – Wednesday 21st November, 7pm Nairn Community and Arts Centre

The next Nairn River CC meeting will be held at the Community and Arts Centre at 7pm  on Wed 21 November 2018
Here is the Agenda  and the Minutes of our last meeting ( Sept 17) 
Main topics discussed were

  • Highland Councils new rules  on Developer Contributions and the mystery of the \’missing millions\’ which Highland Council should have collected from developers for the hundreds of homes  built on Nairn Lochloy estate to pay for infrastructure and community facilities, including a planned school and a bridge over the railway.  A recent  Highland Council response to a Freedom of Information request by a local resident records only £271,000  collected  from Lochloy developers since 2000. The school was removed from the Local Plan with no local consultation, and there is still no sign of the promised bridge to Balmakeith
  • Concerns about how Nairn Common Good Fund is currently managed (with decisions made by the whole Council in Inverness, with our 4 Nairn Councillors well outnumbered). How do we  ensure that Nairn residents have a proper say in how Common Good Assets ( like the Links and Sandown Lands) and CG Funds in the bank are used in future in the best interests of our town?  Do  we need a more appropriate governance structure, as many other Scottish towns have for their Common Good Funds, like a charitable trust with locally appointed trustees?
These discussions will continue on Wednesday along with the usual planning and community planning updates. 
We also expect more detail from our Highland Councillors on the business case for local Parking Charges,   such as costs of implementing and policing, and how projected revenue would be used. 

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